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PHI Group offers a wide variety of personnel to meet your project needs.

PHI Group is more than just the sum of its past performance as a company. Principle members of PHI Group are Kenneth L. Gitter and Richard L. Gingras. Both are Service Disabled retired Army Officers (Lieutenant Colonels) with Ken retiring for the Army Quartermaster Corps and Rich retired from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Rich Gingras

Rich Gingras, managing member of PHI Group, is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army Corps of Engineers with over thirty two years of successful, worldwide program, construction and facilities management experience as a private contractor as well as numerous diverse government engineer and facility management organizations. Experience ranges from junior to senior level tactical construction troop leadership positions through executive level city (military installation) management positions and deputy commander/engineer of the 500 person Alaska District, Corps of Engineers. Since retiring, he was the director of Tikigaq Engineering Services, and was promoted to General Manager and was also the General Manager for Tikigaq Construction, ANC Utility Solutions, LLC, Greely Development Partners, LLC and currently is a managing member of PHI Group, LLC.

Ken Gitter

Ken Gitter is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army Quartermaster Corps, with over 40 years of successful worldwide experience as a contractor and military officer, logistician in the areas of logistics, transportation, and resource management planning and execution worldwide for the U.S. Army and commercially. He specializes in complex logistical projects, and his experience includes extensive supply, warehousing, maintenance, and transportation support throughout the United States and the world. His background in progressive leadership positions includes Director of the 350-person Directorate of Logistics, U.S. Army Alaska, General Manager of Naniq Systems, LLC, and Logistics Manager of UIC Oilfield Services, LLC.

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