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Quality Policy

Quality Statement

PHI Group, LLC, as a provider of logistical services and other support services, is committed to providing services and products, which meet or surpass customer expectations and requirements.

To achieve the objectives and goals listed above, it is essential that all company personnel give their full support and attention to comply with all aspects of the Quality Plan while simultaneously being constantly aware of opportunities for continuous improvement.

All employees, project hires and subcontractors of PHI Group, LLC are briefed routinely regarding this quality program. The primary purpose of these briefings is to emphasize the importance of quality in all aspects of work as well as the criticality of personnel in the company quality processes.

Quality Objectives and Policy

It is the prime objective of PHI Group, LLC to provide a product and associated services that conform to the contractual and regulatory requirements in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

To achieve this objective PHI Group, LLC is committed to the integration of quality at all levels within the company’s organization and to all aspects of the work executed during the course of its business activities.

PHI Group, LLC is dedicated to a continuous appraising and improving process with respect to the quality system and encourages, by formal and informal training methods, the full understanding and participation of all company personnel.

The Quality Control Quality Assurance Plan is the premier document of the quality system and its requirements, together with other company policies make up the quality system for PHI Group, LLC.

PHI Group, LLC Corporate Officers are primarily responsible for maintenance of the Quality System and for establishing whether the quality activities performed by company personnel comply with stated quality goals and objectives.

PHI develops and implements Quality Control plans (CQC) for all work performed. Supervisors and on larger projects or programs, a Quality Control Manager will be responsible for the administration and documentation of PHI’s CQC Plan. This manager will report on a daily basis, problems, deficiencies, upcoming activities, test results and any other information relevant to the successful implementation of PHI’s CQC Plan. Though designated supervisors have overall responsibility for the project quality, everyone on-site shares in this objective. Another function is the formal recording of lessons learned for consideration in future projects as a means of continuous improvement of PHI’s Project Delivery System. Below are the Quality Policy and Quality Statements as published in our Quality Manual. Also, we employ the quality program of EM 385-1-1 as specified by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

PHI implements a Three Phase Quality Control System. The designated project Quality Control Manager (QCM) will be responsible for the administration and documentation of problems, deficiencies, upcoming activities, test results, and any other information relevant to the successful implementation of PHI;s CQC Plan. The QCM shall have the responsibility and authority to order the correction of any deficiencies in work as deemed necessary by the contract documents and established standards and specifications. The CQM will have the authority to stop work and order changes to ensure compliance with the contract documents. The following aspects of the CQC Plan will be followed or implemented.

- Three-Phase Inspection Procedure – Team PHI - AAA will enforce the quality assurance using the Three Phase Quality Control System consisting of the Prepatory Meeting, Initial Inspection and Follow-Up Inspections. 

- Documentation. Utilizing a standardized Daily Report Form to track all task order-specific activities. The Daily Quality Control Reports will be submitted within 24 hours after the period covered. These reports will be prepared for each day work is accomplished on the site and will be numbered sequentially from one through the end of the project. One copy will be maintained at the project job office and copies will be forwarded to the Government as required. Information on the form will include contractor/subcontractor and area of responsibility, equipment onsite and hours of usage, work performed, testing activities, materials delivered, submittal activities, offsite surveillance activities, job safety evaluations, instructions for and conflicts with plans and specifications, and the contractor verifications statement.